National Dog Portrait Awards (NDPA) – Photographer Competition Terms & Conditions

  1. This contract is between your Photographic Business (The Studio) named on the Joining Form on page 1 and Click Connection Corporation LTD (CCC) T/A National Dog Portrait Awards 2020 (NDPA).
  2. Either The Studio or CCC have the right to terminate this agreement giving written notice of one month. During your one-month notice, you are still required to honor any enquiries / competition entrants that may be sent to you. Upon receiving your notice to cancel, The Studio’s details will automatically be removed from the Facebook Forum and any online listings. Any images submitted prior to cancellation will be still be eligible to win prizes.
  3. Upon joining The Studio agrees that CCC has the right to The Studio’s name and contact details on the NDPA website and other relevant campaign collateral.
  4. CCC will provide all participating studios with approved social media adverts and all NDPA logos to enable The Studio to promote its participation in the competition and gather its own entries. These are the only advertisements that The Studio is permitted to use to promote the competition unless specific permission is requested and granted by CCC.
  5. The Studio is required to Boost social media posts for the competition at least once per month, throughout the duration of the entry process.
  6. The Studio agrees to display the NDPA logo on their company website and all business social media channels throughout the duration of the competition, which will be from March 2020 up until 12 months after the first monthly winner is announced.
  7. The Studio can charge a fully refundable booking deposit should it wish to of up to £30. This must be returned at the time of the image viewing or if the entrant cancels with at least 48 hours prior notice to the session or viewing appointment.
  8. Although we recommend offering a free shoot to entice the entrant to book, you are entitled to charge a reasonable sitting fee. However, you cannot charge to upload the entry image.
  9. The Studio agrees to offer entrants an image viewing where the entrant’s owner can select their favourite image to be entered into the competition. Only one entry per dog can be submitted. The Studio is welcome and encouraged to offer owners the opportunity to purchase any additional images in a range of sizes and products at The Studio’s regular pricing structure, however pressure selling is forbidden.
  10. The Studio agrees to collect the GBP £10 required competition entry fee and submit it in full during the entry image upload on the NDPA website. The Studio can take these entry fees in any form they wish, however all entry fees must be paid via the portal by either credit or debit card.
  11. The competition will open in March 2020. All entries must be submitted no later than 12 months after the first monthly winner is announced. Entries submitted after this date will automatically be entered in to the NDPA 2021.
  12. The Studio agrees to upload the entry images and submit donations as regularly as possible throughout the competition and within 14 days of the entry shoot. The Studio is required to add their branded logo to all entry images, however the logo can be no more than 5% of the image in size and cannot obscure the dog.
  13. The Studio agrees to give CCC full permission of use. We mean by this that you give us full permission to use the images to promote the competition and future NDPA competitions. You will still own your images and we will not use them for any monetary gain.
  14. Once all entries have been received, each month the entries will be collected and shared on social media to help find a shortlist of 5 via public vote. The Studio agrees to share all NDPA posts with regards to the image judging. The winner will be selected by an expert judging panel, the judges decision is final.
  15. 12 months after the first monthly winner is announced all portraits that were shortlisted in each monthly competition will be combined and uploaded to Facebook. The public will then vote for their favourites, to help us find a shortlist of 10. Once the votes are in, the shortlist will be judged by our expert judging panel, who will decide on the overall winner and the two runners up.
  16. The photographers who come 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the end of year competition will decide which charities receive a donation. The donation breakdown will be as follows: 1st place choice will receive 50% of profits, 2nd place choice will receive 30% of profits and 3rd place choice will receive 20%.
  17. Both the Group Member and CCC LTD shall use its best endeavours to keep all information confidential in accordance with the Fair Processing principal of the Data Protection Act 1998 & General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to view our Privacy Policy please go to
  18. By signing the Joining Form, you confirm your Participation for the NDPA with CCC. Any changes to your details (in terms of trading name, studio address) will not require a new form be signed unless otherwise required so by CCC or The Studio. Any changes to The Studio will be deemed as agreement under the existing details.
  19. When entering images into the NDPA, The Studio agrees to be bound by the competition terms and conditions which are available at the NDPA website.
  20. Any updates / changes in the Terms of Participation will be advised to all studio members in written email form.
  21. These Terms and Conditions will be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of England and any dispute hereunder, shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of London, England.